onsdag den 16. maj 2012

There is a lot if things I wanna tell you or ask you. 
Most of all I just wanna text you something. 
Something that I can't text you.. 
What are you doing? How is your life going? Are you sad and do you miss me just a little? 
Have you found some new girl or are you just trying a lot of girls in these days? 
Do you ever read or see any of my facebook status or picutres - do you ever think about me? 
Have you totally thrown me away in your mind? 
Do you wanna see me soon or ever, and do you still want us to be friends? 
Have you forgotten our shopping plan we talked about? 
Are your life just totally perfect, fine and untouched after our break up? 
Do you ever read my blog? 
Do you hate me, are you mad, do you ignorre me? 
Do you regret? 
Do you make any music without me? 
Do you also think about our sex when you are alone, maybe in bed at the evening? 
Don't you miss me, in some kind of way? 
I Really miss you, as a person, as a friend... And I really wanna talk to you JUST as friends, because I miss it. 
I miss to watch movies with you, making music, talking, laughing, being on facebook and weird internet sides - just chilling with you... 
Can we maybe do that - I think I might be ready..