onsdag den 2. oktober 2013


I used to laugh it off
I used to look the other way
I used to save them troubles for another day
I kept my fingers crossed
I used to never take the blame
I'd pull a sunshine story in a pouring rain
The more I had to change I'd just stay the same

I used to bide my time
I used to beat around the bush
I'd rather give my ego another push
I used to be a fool
It was a foolish game I played
And it's a fool's fate counting mistakes I've made
Once I had it right it was all too late

You don't know what you got till you're missing it a lot
I had to go throw it away
I was wrong from the start from the bottom of my heart I apologize
What I did to you was hurtful...
What I'm going through is hurtful..

Dette beskriver min opførsel gennem alle mine forhold. 
"What I did to you was hurtful, what I'm going through is hurtful.."